How I Automate Your Business Growth

Mical Johnson

Mical Johnson, Saturday 20 Apr 2024

Hi, I'm Mical.

Here's the brutal truth about automation and marketing automation:

Automation isn't a magic button that will make all your problems go away using the latest, greatest software.

If your process sucks, then automation is just going to amplify the problems you have and make them bigger. 

You actually have to plan out your process and test it before you automate it to make sure you know that it's going to work for you. 

Automation is about saving time on repetitive tasks so that you can be free to do whatever else it is that you want to do. 

An automation that saves you 5 minutes a day is compounded to save you 2 work days every year. When you start stacking those simple automations suddenly you find that you have saved yourself or your business weeks or months of manual work every year. 

So what's the alternative?

As a Certified Automation Service Provider™ I work with you to automate the 6 fundamental systems that exist in every single business. These systems are called The Significant Six.

Every business has these 6 systems, even if those systems aren't documented. Your daily habits that you and your team take are all part of these systems. 

The Significant Six Systems are:

  1. Traffic - How you get people to your website or place of business.
  2. Capture - How you turn window shoppers into leads.
  3. Present - How you showcase your offer.
  4. Close - How you collect money from someone that is interested.
  5. Deliver - How you give them the product or service they paid for.
  6. Follow Up - How you move the person along your process when they get stuck in a particular step.

My Automation Consulting Process

Below is a brief explanation of each phase of the consulting process. This process is used for every automation project. A variation of this will be used to build even the simplest of automations for your business. 

Process Extraction

The most powerful automation you will ever be able to achieve in your business will come from a clearly defined process. Battle tested processes that have been proven by way of repetitive execution, often manually. We need to know what that process is so that we can automate it for you.


Not all your contacts are created equally. Some are ready to do business with you now, others will wait for months or years before pulling the trigger. With proper segmentation you define who gets what message so that you are presenting the best message at the most appropriate time.

Mapping & Messaging

Automation has the ability to provide the right message at the right time to your prospects and hot leads. To make sure that happens when it is supposed to, we map out that flow prior to building it so we know what tools will be needed.


We define Tech-mating as the act of selecting the best technology that matches your evolving marketing strategy. When selecting technology, we take into consideration your current software tools, automation goals, and the team's capabilities.

Automation Building

With your process mapped out and a clear goal for the automation, building it out becomes much easier. The automation will be built using the tools defined in the previous step so that the outcome can be achieved.

Measurement, Analytics, and Traffic

For each automation that is built there should be a goal that can be measured and tracked. Metrics used for website performance, contact performance, and email performance can all be tied back to revenue, the ultimate success metric for business.

Automation Tools

These are some of the most common automation tools that I get requests to work with.

Logos of the most common automation tools

Ready to automate your business?