Plan & Setup On-Demand Webinar Automation for a Coaching Business

Project Challenge:

The client has a successful coaching business and has been using live webinars to build the business, but this was difficult to scale. Other solutions that were considered were the just in time webinars that appeared to be live but the client felt that this wasn't authentic and wanted a better way to scale the business. 

On-demand webinars were presented as a solution; however, the biggest challenge there is to personalize the messages based on the viewing of the video. Using video embeds like YouTube or Vimeo didn't provide the tracking necessary to send the right message at the right time. Using Wistia would give video analytics, but would be difficult to track per user.

Project Solution:

After speaking with the client to understand what they were looking to accomplish, we started by mapping out the logic for this workflow and assessing the current technologies that were being used. In the case for this coaching business, they were using ActiveCampaign for their CRM so there were integration options that we could use. They also have a WordPress website that could be used for building out the landing pages needed for this process.

On-demand webinar logic map

The most challenging part, find a suitable software for the video tracking that could also integrate with ActiveCampaign. We only found a couple of options available on the market and recommended using Vidalytics. The video hosting platform was able to track watch time and then via a Zapier integration send tags to ActiveCampaign to trigger different automations. 

I was able to map out the lead journey for this workflow and integrate ActiveCampaign to Vidalytics. The process was then tested to verify that the tags and automations were functioning as intended. 

Watched On-Demand Webinar Automation Flow

project results:

The client was able to create separate messaging for people that have watched the video but didn't see the offer, people that watched the video and had seen the offer, and people who registered but didn't watch more than a few minutes of the video. 

Having the follow up messages with a better context as to the actions that were taken by the contact record would help increase conversion.

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